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Whenever property owners decide to invest in a new flooring system, they visit different flooring stores to find the right material in the right color and design style. Most of them believe that choosing the product is the trickiest part and the thing to be focused on. Therefore, they do not pay as much attention to hiring the right flooring installation service as they should.

It is important to know that no matter which flooring material is chosen, the expertise of the floor installation crew can make a world of difference. Seamless professional floor installation in your Kent, WA property is essential for your flooring system to have the:

  • Best look
  • Finest functionality
  • Longest wear

This is what makes All Flooring Wholesalers one of the leading flooring stores to visit when it is time for floor installation in your Kent property.

Kent Flooring Stores


Unlike many other flooring stores in and around the community, we offer flooring products as well as flooring installation service.

We handle your complete floor installation project so that you do not have to suffer the hassle of dealing separately with a floor shop as well as a floor contractor. In case you get floor materials and flooring installation service from different places, you could be in for a lot of headache if you encounter some problems with your new flooring system. Both the store and the installer pass the buck, claiming the other to be liable for resolving the issue.

Forget the big name flooring stores in Kent and come to us with your floor installation requirements. We:

  • Offer flooring products and services under one roof
  • Have technicians trained to install all types of flooring
  • Take full responsibility and guarantee our work

Kent Flooring Installation Service


We offer flooring installation service in Kent primarily for the materials that we sell at our store and work with in-house installers. Subcontractors are not usually hired but if outside floor installers are put on the job, we stand behind their work.

There are several other factors that make us the right flooring installation service provider to work with. Our flooring services come with:

  • Free estimates, no hidden fees
  • Iron-clad pricing
  • Attractive warranties
  • No run-around for the customer

Combining the supply of top-of-the-line flooring products with efficient, hassle-free floor installation service has made us one of the most trusted and preferred flooring stores in this region.

Visit All Flooring Wholesalers or call (253) 220-6262 to know more about flooring installation service and products for Kent residents.