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Bellevue Countertops

Bellevue Granite Countertops


Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters in your home often undergo extensive, constant and harsh use. You need countertops that can withstand such abuse and still stay looking great for years.

At All Flooring Wholesalers, we offer just that for the residents of Bellevue, WA by supplying and installing granite countertops and butcher block countertops. Strength and lasting beauty are the hallmarks of our granite countertops – these granite countertops come in a variety of unmatched patterns and colors that give an exquisite look to the home. Coming to us assures our Bellevue customer of:

  • Quality granite countertops, butcher block countertops and kitchen backsplash products
  • Flawless installation services
  • Exceptional customer care

All the granite countertops, butcher block countertops and kitchen backsplash products we install in Bellevue are custom-made to fit your specific size and style requirements.

Bellevue Butcher Block Countertops


Our butcher block countertops are a great option for Bellevue kitchens that see a lot of cutting and chopping work. These sturdy butcher block countertops are available in a range of different woods, including exotic hues that will add a touch of class to your kitchen. The butcher block countertops we sell and install are some of the best on the market. We offer our Bellevue customers:

  • Butcher block countertops with great aesthetics
  • Functional butcher block countertops that enhance your kitchen
  • Butcher block countertops that are strong, durable and long-lasting

We are proud to be one of the leading sources of butcher block countertops, granite countertops and kitchen backsplash products for Bellevue homeowners – providing the products they desire with the seamless installation service and great prices they need.

Bellevue Kitchen Backsplash


The right kitchen backsplash is a must to bring out the best in granite countertops in Bellevue kitchens. Just as the granite countertops give you elegant, strong and durable surfaces to work on, choosing our catchy granite kitchen backsplash will perfectly complement the style of our granite countertops. At the same time, they protect the kitchen walls and make it easy to keep the space clean.

Our backsplashes are not limited to granite though. We offer Bellevue homeowners a wide range of kitchen backsplash products to choose from, including:

  • Granite kitchen backsplash
  • Tile kitchen backsplash
  • Quartz kitchen backsplash
  • Laminate kitchen backsplash

Call us now for striking backsplashes that will accentuate your granite countertops and add extra elegance to your Bellevue home.

Rely on the amazing selection of granite countertops, butcher block countertops and kitchen backsplash products at All Flooring Wholesalers. Call (253) 220-6262 today!