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Puyallup Countertops

Puyallup Granite Countertops


Kitchen surfaces withstand a lot of use and abuse. Therefore, it is quite understandable for every homeowner in Puyallup, WA to want to install countertops that allow hassle-free kitchen work for years, with minimal upkeep, and look great, year after year.

At All Flooring Wholesalers, we believe that granite countertops are the best option to fulfill such multiple needs and expectations of Puyallup residents. We install premium quality granite countertops that deliver full worth through their enduring beauty, strength, and good performance. In addition to granite countertops, we serve the people of Puyallup with installation of butcher block countertops and kitchen backsplash.

Our Puyallup customers can count on us for

  • Quality granite countertops, butcher block countertops, and kitchen backsplash
  • Expert installation of kitchen backsplash, and granite or butcher block countertops
  • Sincere and friendly services
  • Fair pricing on kitchen backsplash, and granite or butcher block countertops

Puyallup Butcher Block Countertops


There is no doubt that granite countertops are one of the best kitchen surfaces, regardless of the kitchen size or layout. Still, Puyallup homeowners can add an innovative touch to their kitchens not only by enhancing the granite countertops with the right backsplash, by also by complementing the granite countertops with butcher block countertops and kitchen islands.

The natural color and warmth of butcher block countertops offer a gentle contrast to the shine of granite countertops. Butcher block countertops score high on all the important aspects on which a kitchen island surface is evaluated, namely their

  • Graceful appearance
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Affordability

Puyallup residents should call us today for installing butcher block countertops and enjoy more elegant and efficient kitchens.

Puyallup Kitchen Backsplash


Even the best of granite countertops and butcher block countertops can fail to enliven a Puyallup kitchen if they are not supported by attractive kitchen backsplash. Beautify your kitchen by allowing us to install the right kitchen backsplash. You can choose from

  • Tile kitchen backsplash
  • Laminate kitchen backsplash
  • Granite kitchen backsplash
  • Quartz kitchen backsplash

Many people in Puyallup love experimenting and look for interesting ideas for creating a ‘one of a kind’ kitchen. They are sure to like installing granite countertops accented by striking backsplashes and with them, butcher block countertops that add a tinge of dramatic appeal to the kitchen. And, we are here to help Puyallup homeowners get the kitchens of their dreams!

Come to All Flooring Wholesalers for installation of granite countertops, butcher block countertops, kitchen backsplash that add invaluable beauty and value to your Puyallup home. Call us at (253) 216-2191.