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Sumner Countertops

Sumner Granite Countertops


For beautiful granite countertops that make working in the kitchen fun, the residents of Sumner, WA should come to All Flooring Wholesalers. In addition to installing granite countertops, we serve the community with the installation of butcher block countertops and kitchen backsplash.

We are a customer-driven company. Our installation of granite countertops, butcher block countertops, and kitchen backsplash in Sumner aims to create more elegant and efficient living spaces. We strive to improve our Sumner customers’ everyday lived, by enhancing their kitchens with superior granite countertops, butcher block countertops, and kitchen backsplash.

We realize that our business can have sustained growth in Sumner only through seamless and affordable installation of top-notch granite countertops, butcher block countertops, and kitchen backsplash. Our products services are designed to meet our customers’:

  • Aesthetic preferences
  • Lifestyle requirements
  • Financial constraints
  • Functional expectations from the granite countertops and other products

Sumner Butcher Block Countertops


Sumner residents looking to give a distinctive look and feel to their kitchens can realize their dreams by allowing us to combine their elegant granite countertops with butcher block countertops installed on their kitchen islands.

We are committed to serving our Sumner customers with the best of everything, including:

  • Quality edge grain butcher block countertops and end grain butcher block countertops
  • Services for installation of butcher block countertops
  • Customer support

The butcher block countertops installed by us make great food prep surfaces and spare your granite countertops considerable wear tear from the daily cutting, chopping, pounding, and rolling.

Sumner Kitchen Backsplash


When designing a Sumner kitchen, the visual elements are as important as the functionality aspects. As such, the kitchen backsplash should be chosen as carefully as the granite countertops. Kitchen backsplash not only protects the kitchen walls from the spills and splatters of cooking, but also adds color and beauty to the space.

We can help the residents of Sumner get stunning kitchen backsplash that enhances the look of the kitchen’s granite and butcher block countertops and bring alive the area behind the stove and the sink. The kitchen backsplash can be installed by us in a variety of materials, including:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Tile
  • Laminate

Timeless or trendy designs, subtle or bold colors, matching or contrasting the granite countertops - we install kitchen backsplash that makes your kitchen the highlight of your Sumner home. In addition to kitchen backsplash and countertops, we install bathroom counters and backsplash that will pull your whole house together.

Call All Flooring Wholesalers at (253) 216-2191 for free estimates for granite countertops, butcher block countertops and kitchen backsplash.