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Green Flooring

Covington Green Flooring


As per studies done by the EPA, indoor pollutant levels tend to be higher than that outside. The biggest source of these pollutants is the flooring. The floors or floor coverings can release alarming amounts of hazardous chemicals and germs into the surroundings to contaminate the indoor air. What makes matters worse is that these substances may take years to disintegrate.

That is why an increasing number of property owners are opting for green flooring installation in Covington, WA and beyond. To be labeled as ‘green’, a flooring product should be made from a material that is:

  • Natural
  • Sustainable; or
  • Renewable and recyclable

Moreover, green floors are usually manufactured with minimal use of energy and in an ecologically responsible manner.

As a reputable, socially aware and dependable company, All Flooring Wholesalers offers green flooring installation services in Covington.

Covington Green Flooring Installation


First and foremost, we make it easy for property owners to get rid of worn-out or damaged floors that have a detrimental environmental impact by offering pocket-friendly flooring products and services.

Years of use generally leave old floors with buildup of debris and cleaning chemicals. Replacing such floors is essential to maintain healthy homes and work places. Our green flooring installation services for Covington residents include tearing out the old floors before laying down eco-safe floor systems.

All the work is done by well-trained and experienced technicians who can be relied upon to install the new floor:

  • Efficiently
  • Carefully
  • With an even and smooth finish

We offer several options for home and business owners who are planning a green flooring installation project. These include wood flooring and Avaire flooring.

Covington Wood Flooring

There may be some people who wonder if wood flooring can be considered ‘green’ due to deforestation concerns. However, focus on responsible forest management has ensured that use of wood flooring is a good idea.

Wood flooring is a good choice for a green flooring installation project because the material:

  • Comes from nature
  • Is hypoallergenic (not likely to cause allergies)
  • Can be re-used
  • Has a very long life (with proper care)

Another attractive feature of wood flooring is that it looks elegant, luxurious, warm and welcoming. Wood floors never go out of style.

We offer wood flooring installation services for Covington properties, rental or investment; new or existing; residential or commercial.

To know more about how you can benefits from green flooring installation in your Covington home or commercial property, call All Flooring Wholesalers at (253) 220-6262.