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Mold Removal Auburn

Auburn Mold Removal


Whenever a water source such as a plumbing or roof leak is introduced to a home or business, it can quickly become infested with mold. Mold has a tendency to spread throughout a property within 48 to 72 hours, and can give rise to allergens and irritants that can potentially cause adverse health effects.

If you think that your residential or commercial property has a mold problem, contact All Flooring Wholesaler for expert mold removal services in Auburn, WA. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect and assess your property, and upon detecting mold, they will perform mold removal in your Auburn home or office. We have the necessary training, equipment, and materials to handle the mold situation. Our mold removal specialists in Auburn will:

  • Provide quick response to your situation
  • Handle any size disaster – big or small
  • Employ the latest mold remediation techniques

Auburn Mold Remediation


Mold remediation in Auburn is a specialized process combining training and skill. Our professional mold remediation experts in Auburn identify and address mold issues, remove affected materials, eliminate moisture sources, and restore the health of your environment.

Mold has damage and health risks associated with it, therefore, it is important to seek professional mold remediation services in Auburn to eliminate and control mold regrowth in your property. Our professional mold remediation services in Auburn include:

  • Initial air quality testing
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Decontamination
  • Mold clean up
  • Reconstruction/ and repair

Auburn Mold Clean Up


Attempting to mask the smell fails to work when mold is causing odor in your property. If you notice a musty smell in your home or office, chances are you have mold growing there, even if it is not visible to the eye. Mold often grows in hidden places, such as:

  • Inside walls
  • Under carpets
  • Inside HVAC units

We offer mold clean up services in Auburn, including mold odor removal and sanitizing to restore your property back to its original state. Our deodorization techniques eliminate mold-related odors. Mold removal and mold clean up in Auburn can be a daunting task, so contact our professionals for the expertise and technology right for the job.

Let our mold clean up, sanitizing, and odor removal services protect your property and it's occupants against the harmful effects of mold.

Schedule a mold clean up service in Auburn by giving us a call at (253) 220-6262. Our mold remediation experts are looking forward to serving you.