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Mold Removal Covington

Covington Mold Removal


Mold contamination is an increasingly growing concern among many home and business owners. The presence of mold can lead to allergies and poor indoor air quality. There are many causes of mold growth in your property, including:

  • Floods
  • Broken water pipe
  • Slow leaks
  • High humidity

All Flooring Wholesaler has experienced mold removal technicians in Covington, WA removing hazardous mold from homes or businesses. Our professional team works in a prompt and safe manner. Our mold removal team in Covington uses the latest equipment, and practices advanced methods to successfully eliminate mold from your property.

Covington Mold Remediation


Our mold remediation team in Covington will determine the cause of the mold, create a mold removal plan, and take the necessary mold remediation steps to ensure the safety of your property in the future. Our professionals provide a full range of mold remediation services in Covington, including:

  • Inspection testing
  • Full mold remediation in Covington
  • Removal of contaminated material
  • Cleaning sanitation
  • Professional deodorization

Do not let mold sit for too long because it is not only unsightly but it also poses risks to your health. If mold has found its way into your home or business, contact our mold remediation professionals in Covington right away. We will arrive on your location, diagnose the situation, and provide an effective solution.

Covington Mold Clean Up


We perform mold removal and mold clean up services in Covington. After identifying and repairing the source that led to mold growth, we thoroughly clean the area, use our expertise to dry the surfaces, sanitize said area, and eliminate odor by deodorizing all areas and materials.

During our mold clean up and mold remediation process in Covington, we utilize specialized equipment to sanitize the environment and surfaces which are affected, eliminating the excess mold spores. This technique often eliminates the need to tear-out the structures.

Our mold clean up experts in Covington work closely with home and business owners to ensure complete customer satisfaction from start to finish. Our mold removal and mold clean up services aim to restore a healthy environment as well as your peace of mind. We offer:

  • Quality mold clean up services
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Satisfaction guarantees

Contact All Flooring Wholesaler at (253) 220-6262 for mold clean up services in Covington. Our mold remediation experts are only a phone call away.