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Mold Removal

Kent Mold Removal


Mold Removal Kent

A sneaky predator, mold can grow almost anywhere and go undetected for a long time. Excessive mold/mildew can destroy property and even endanger human as well as pet health. If you have damp conditions in your property and suspect that mildew is building up, call All Flooring Wholesalers immediately for mold removal services in Kent, WA.

You should watch out for the usual symptoms of moisture problems in your property and call us for mold remediation before it is too late. Some signs indicating that it is time to get our mold removal services include:

  • Visible patches of the fungus
  • Discoloration on ceiling, walls or floor
  • Musty, earthy odor
  • Surface issues like bubbling, cracking or peeling paint/wallpaper

Our mold removal services in Kent cater to residential and commercial property owners.   

Kent Mold Remediation


With our experience, we understand that mold clean up and removal is effective only when it is thorough. To restore any infested area properly, the mold remediation should leave no chance for cross contamination or mildew recurrence.

We are staffed by highly knowledgeable and trained mold clean up technicians who never take the job lightly. Our experts realize that along with mold removal, it is also critical to take out the source of contamination. They work hard to make sure their mold remediation services in Kent resolve your problem for good.

After we are done with the job, you have your:

  • Home or commercial property returned to normal
  • Family life or business back on track
  • Mind at ease with the property and health hazard removed

Kent Mold Clean Up


A dedicated, customer-friendly approach marks our mold remediation and mold removal services. We respect you and your property, and this shows in the way we conduct your mold clean up job in Kent.

We are quick to respond to your call for mold remediation services, meticulous in all our work and mindful of your investment while performing mold clean up. We ensure that:

  • Extent of infestation is carefully inspected
  • Mold clean up needs are assessed correctly
  • The right chemicals and proven techniques are used
  • Minimal structural or other damage happens during the job

Our mold clean up experts follow removal of the fungal growth with odor removal and sanitization. We get your place looking as well as feeling as clean and fresh as before.

Having mold problems in your home or business place? Call All Flooring Wholesalers for specialized mold removal and mold remediation services in Kent. Dial (253) 220-6262.