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Mold Removal Renton

Renton Mold Removal


Many home and business owners in Renton, WA who have moisture intrusion in their property tend to overlook the issue as a minor one. Soon enough this results in mold growth, which, if ignored, can compromise the structural integrity of the building and also adversely impact the health of everyone living or working in the place.

If you have mold buildup in your property, call All Flooring Wholesalers immediately for mold clean up and mold remediation. We provide expert mold removal services in Renton for residential as well as commercial properties.

To be truly effective, mold removal has to be done very scrupulously. Even the slightest carelessness in mold clean up can mean recurrence of the problem. We realize this and conduct all our mold removal work in Renton properties with:

  • Vigorously trained technicians
  • Time-tested mold removal techniques
  • Advanced mold remediation tools
  • Safe mold clean up chemicals

Renton Mold Remediation


We offer customized mold remediation services for Renton residents that are designed around the extent of mold growth and damage. The objective of our mold remediation services in Renton is to bring our customers lasting relief from the hazardous infestation and make their living or work environment as healthy as before.

To restore the property of the customer to its pre-mold contamination condition, our technicians:

  • Inspect the Renton property carefully to identify the affected areas
  • Propose the most suitable mold remediation solution
  • Take adequate steps to stop the mold from spreading across the property
  • Perform mold removal and clean up diligently, with attention to detail

Our systematic and thorough mold remediation in Renton properties keeps our customers happy and safe.

Renton Mold Clean Up


Hiring us for mold clean up assures Renton residents that no trace of the problem would be left on their property. After eliminating the buildup completely, our mold removal specialists sanitize and deodorize the property so that the unpleasant mold odor does not linger on in the place.

Our mold clean up services in Renton also include detecting the source of underlying moisture problem and fixing it so that mold growth does not start again. After we are done with their mold clean up job, Renton residents can look forward to a property that:

  • Is hygienic
  • Feels and smells fresh
  • Looks clean

Trust All Flooring Wholesalers for quick, effective and affordable mold removal and clean up services in Renton. Call (253) 220-6262 to schedule your mold remediation job.