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Quartz Countertops Tacoma

Tacoma Quartz Countertops


Are you looking for options in material other than the typical marble or granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops? Consider investing in quartz surfaces.When it comes to comparing quartz countertops vs granite or marble ones, quartz surfaces offer more strength, longevity and hygienic use.

A large variety of quartz countertops colors is another advantage since this is a manufactured stone made by mixing polymer resins with crushed quartz that is naturally produced.

At All Flooring Wholesalers, we fabricate and install quartz countertops for Tacoma, WA properties. We are one of the leading sources in this area for quartz bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Our company installs countertops of all shapes and sizes, for residential as well as commercial applications. Tacoma residents who come to us for countertops made of quartz can expect the surfaces to be:

  • Cut and shaped precisely
  • Finely finished
  • Installed professionally

Tacoma Kitchen Countertops


There has been an increase in the preference for quartz kitchen countertops among Tacoma residents. The key features of quartz that make it a wonderful countertop material include:

  • Elegant look and luxurious feel
  • Distinctive veining and hues
  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Low maintenance and germ resistance

Call us to learn the quartz countertops pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about the installation of quartz kitchen countertops in your home or business place.

We will also give you a free estimate for your countertops to help you plan your budget for the countertop project.

Tacoma Countertops


At our store, we carry a vast inventory of quartz slabs in a wide variety of patterns and colors. We understand that every property owner who comes to us for quartz countertops in the Tacoma area has unique preferences and requirements.

That is why we offer a large selection of slabs and are confident of supplying every customer with a countertop that:

  • Appeals to their aesthetic sensibilities
  • Complements their existing interior decor
  • Fits within their budget

No matter the color shade, veining design, and price of the countertop you have installed by us, rest easy you are choosing a countertop that will be hassle-free and durable for years to come.

Call (253) 216-2191 to discuss your project for quartz kitchen countertops in your Tacoma home or commercial property with the experts at All Flooring Wholesalers.