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Kent Home Remodeling

Kent Remodeling


Love your home in Kent, WA and don’t want to leave it even when it looks dated and no longer meets your needs? Don’t worry!All Flooring Wholesalers has the ideal solution to your dilemma. We offer a wide range of home remodeling products that can dramatically change the look, function, and comfort of your living space, all without putting too much of a strain on your wallet.

Realizing that all Kent homeowners have unique home renovations ideas and needs, we offer a number of customized options:

  • Flooring systems
  • Wall panels
  • Cabinetry
  • Vanities and Tub surrounds
  • Countertops and Vanity tops

Our knowledgeable and seasoned staff and crew make sure that no detail in any home remodeling project is overlooked. All of our Kent customers receive the best possible results from their home renovations.

Kent Home Remodeling


Home renovations or home remodeling in Kent does not necessarily call for new construction. With our new flooring and intelligently designed and placed cabinets and vanities, we offerrelatively low cost bathroom, kitchen, and home renovations that enhance the look and feel of your home in a big way. Most Kent homeowners would be surprised at how our home remodeling items can alter the utility as well as beauty of their existing properties.

We specialize in installing a number of home remodeling products that meet the following needs:

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Extremely functional
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Reliable and durable

Our kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling offerings for Kent are meant not just to give temporary pleasure but also to deliver lasting value. We ensure that the home renovations we carry out involve more than cosmetic changes. Our home remodeling services aim at actually improving the way our Kent customers live.

Kent Home Renovations


The goal of our home remodeling services is to create homes that grow with the homeowners and their families. Our home renovations help customers convert their visions into beautiful realities. Whether it’s a minor change like replacing the cabinets or countertops or renovating the whole house, our home renovations are meant to give people their dream homes.

We help our Kent customers throughout the entire home remodeling process from choosing the best home renovations items to installing them seamlessly. We do our best to provide them with a professional experience in home renovations. Our home remodeling team focuses on making every installation:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Hassle-free

Need high quality, low cost home renovations for your Kent property? Contact the All Flooring Wholesalers home remodeling professionals at (253) 220-6262.