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Property Damage Restoration Tacoma

Tacoma Restoration


Need disaster assistance and property restoration services in Tacoma, WA. Place a call to All Flooring Wholesalers. When fire, flood or any other such destructive accident wrecks havoc on your property, you need truly capable property restoration experts by your side.

You need restoration services from experienced professionals who can put your mind at ease even as they restore your home or business. This is exactly what you get when you call us for residential or commercial property restoration services in Tacoma.

We ensure fast response to your call, sending over technicians who come to the job with:

  • Vast experience in property damage restoration
  • Highly advanced tools for damage repair and remediation
  • A commitment to minimizing your loss and stress

Calling us for restoration services means that your property is in safe hands.

Tacoma Damage Repair


Our company specializes in both water damage repair and fire damage restoration. We provide comprehensive services for both commercial and residential property. Our fire and water damage restoration work on any property is aimed at wiping away every sign of the damage.

Our services also include smoke damage repair as well as mold removal and remediation. After hiring us for water or fire damage repair in Tacoma, you can look forward to a property that is:

  • Returned to its original condition
  • Clean, dry and sanitized
  • Totally fit and safe to live or work in

Being a compassionate, customer-friendly business, we appreciate how traumatic damage to the property can be for its owner. We have always our damage repair crew diligently do everything necessary to restore the lost beauty, functionality and value of our customer’s property.

Tacoma Property Restoration


We work on all property damage repair jobs with the best in men, materials, and technologies. Not surprisingly, we have come to be regarded as one of the most trusted providers of property restoration services in Tacoma and its surrounding areas.

Some other factors that separate us from the competition include:

  • Fast job completion
  • Affordable property restoration cost
  • Honest services; no overselling

You may not have any control over the catastrophe striking your property, but you do have the power to choose which company to call for property restoration. Choose wisely and come to us. Opting for our restoration services is a decision you will never regret!

When disaster hits, turn to All Flooring Wholesalers. Call (253) 216-2191 for damage repair and restoration in Tacoma.