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Enumclaw Shower Surrounds

Enumclaw Shower Enclosures


Breathing new life into your bathroom does not have to cost a fortune!All Flooring Wholesalers offers classy, yet affordable shower enclosures; bath accessories, shower surrounds and tub surrounds that help the residents of Enumclaw, WA create mesmerizing bathrooms without draining their wallets.

We specialize in installing custom shower enclosures tocreate distinctive private bathing areasfor our Enumclaw customers. Framed or semi-frameless shower enclosures;shower enclosures with swing or sliding doors - our extensive selection has it all. We can also install matching accessories and shower surrounds to complete unique looks for all Enumclaw bathrooms.

We take pride in an impressive industry standing and large customer base in Enumclaw built on the strength of

  • Solid work ethics
  • Shower enclosures, and shower or tub surrounds with fine workmanship
  • Seamless services for installation of shower enclosures, and tub or shower surrounds
  • Customer-friendly attitude

Enumclaw Shower Surrounds


Shower surrounds, tub surrounds and shower enclosures that are dripping with water after the bathrooms are used make the placeslook so uninviting. Meanwhile, water on the flooralso makes the bathrooms

  • Untidy
  • Unhygienic
  • Slippery
  • Exposed to water damage

We can Enumclaw residents maintain cleaner bathrooms with drier shower enclosures, shower surrounds and tub surround. The tub or shower surrounds we install in Enumclaw homes are non-porous and mold-resistant.

The great thing our customers love about our shower surrounds, tub surrounds and shower enclosures is that while they help take the stress out of cleaning Enumclaw bathrooms, they do not compromise on looks and style in any way.

Enumclaw Tub Surrounds


Along with the layout and fittings, the shower walls, shower or tub surrounds and shower enclosures are very important elements that dictate the character of bathrooms in Enumclaw homes. So, you should choose these products carefully and have them installed by a reliable professional. We can help you out with that!

With the variety of styles and colors in tub surrounds, shower surrounds and shower enclosures we offer, and the expert services of our trained installers, we can help Enumclaw residents give their bathroom the exact look they want.

Come to us for tub surrounds, shower surrounds and shower enclosures that are

  • Customized to match different bathroom decors
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance

Call (253) 220-6262 to learn more about the shower enclosures, shower surrounds and tub surrounds installed by All Flooring Wholesalers in the Enumclaw area.