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Kent Shower Surrounds

Kent Shower Enclosures


Residents of Kent, WA who are interested in enhancing the quality of their showering experiences must check out the shower enclosures, shower surrounds, tub surrounds and accessories installed by All Flooring Wholesalers. We offer beautiful shower enclosures, shower surrounds and tub surrounds for large and luxurious as well as small and simple bathrooms.

Our installation of precisely measured and impeccably fitted shower enclosures creates bathing areas that are:

  • Elegant
  • Private
  • Organized and neat

We take pride in installing shower enclosures that are built to last. With innovative products from an impressive selection of premium shower enclosures and accessories, backed by expert installation services and exceptional customer support, our Kent customers get nothing but the best from us.

Kent Shower Surrounds


Are you fed up with looking at the same old, soggy bathroom walls every day, but cannot spare money for bathroom renovation? We have a wonderful solution – exciting, inexpensive shower surrounds, tub surrounds and shower enclosures that not only freshen up the Kent bathrooms, but also help keep them clean and dry.

Kent residents can count on us for:

  • Stylish shower surrounds, enclosures and tub surrounds that jazz up their bathrooms
  • Shower surrounds and tub surrounds in water-repellant materials to ensure drier bathrooms
  • Expert installers who guarantee seamless fitting of shower surrounds and tub surrounds

With our excellent shower surrounds, tub surrounds and shower enclosures, new-look bathrooms are no longer expensive and impossible dreams for Kent homeowners. Allow us to put an end to your bathroom monotony with our affordable tub and shower surrounds and shower enclosures today!

Kent Tub Surrounds


Water-damaged, moldy bath and shower walls are an eyesore for any Kent bathroom. The resultant property damage and value reduction can cause a lot of stress to the homeowner. With our experience in installing shower enclosures, shower surrounds, tub surrounds, shower walls and other bath solutions, we can help homeowners in the Kent community regain their peace of mind. We offer tub surrounds and shower surrounds that are:

  • Easily installed
  • Resist moisture, mold and mildew
  • Long-lasting and deliver excellent value

The tub surrounds, shower walls and shower enclosures we install in Kent homes are an ideal blend of great looks and excellent performance. Homeowners can be sure of enjoying elegant and well-maintained bathing areas for years to come.

All Flooring Wholesalers offers the most reliable solutions to fulfill your needs for shower enclosures, tub surrounds and shower surrounds in Kent. Call us at (253) 220-6262.