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Puyallup Shower Surrounds

Puyallup Shower Enclosures


Can’t stand the sight of your moldy shower curtains? It is time you getshower enclosures installed by All Flooring Wholesalers. We are specialists in bath solutions, shower surrounds, shower enclosures and tub surrounds that create private spas and bathing areas for the residents of Puyallup, WA by installing elegant shower enclosures in their bathrooms.

Puyallup homeowners who come to us for the installation of shower enclosures have the assurance of being served by:

  • Reputable and reliablesuppliers and installers of shower enclosures
  • Ethical and customer-centric representatives
  • Trained and experienced installers of shower enclosures

We also install shower accessories, shower surrounds and tub surrounds in Puyallup bathrooms. Realizing that every family has different requirements for shower enclosures, tub surrounds and shower surrounds, we offer a wide selection of products. We strive to help our Puyallup customers enjoy their dream bathrooms by installing shower enclosures, shower surrounds and tub surrounds that match their tastes, budgets and bathroom décor styles.

Puyallup Shower Surrounds


A bathroom cannot run without water, but water canalso spoil the bathroom’s beauty. Indeed, with wet bathroom floors, the elegance of the bathrooms in Puyallup homes does take a beating. We can help solve these issues by installing shower surrounds and tub surrounds in the tub or in shower enclosures.

While shower enclosures restrict the wet area in Puyallup bathrooms, the water-resistant, non-porous, easy to clean shower surrounds and tub surrounds installed by us make sure that the bathrooms don’t stay wet for long.

By installing shower surrounds, tub surrounds and shower enclosures, we ensure that Puyallup bathrooms stay dry and do not:

  • Look messy and uncared for
  • Remain slippery and unsafe
  • Encourage mold formation

Puyallup Tub Surrounds


It is our belief that superior tub surrounds and shower surrounds or walls are essential, not just to protect your bathroom from water damage, but also to heighten the visual appeal of the bathing area.

We take pride in being the preferred installer of tub surrounds, shower surrounds and shower enclosures in the Puyallup community, based on the strength of our:

  • Unmatched quality of products and services
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Unsurpassed customer service

Whether our Puyallup customers need our services for new bathroom construction or for remodeling projects, they can look forward to a highly satisfying experience in the installation of shower surrounds, tub surrounds and other bath solutions.

Create the beautiful bathroom of your dreams by getting shower enclosures, tub surrounds and shower surrounds installed by All Flooring Wholesalers. Call (253) 216-2191!