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Unfinished Wood

Covington Unfinished Wood Floors


Very few flooring materials can match the amazing warmth, rustic charm and timeless appeal offered by a hardwood floor. Property owners who opt for this flooring system have a choice between prefinished and unfinished wood floors.

As the name suggests, unfinished wood flooring is installed in a raw state. Its sanding, staining, polishing and finishing is done on-site after the unfinished wood floor installation is done. At All Flooring Wholesalers, we offer unfinished wood floors in Covington, WA for the do-it-yourselfers as well as property owners who want their new floor to match exactly to the existing interiors or floors.

Though unfinished wood floor installation may be a bit more messy and time-consuming, there are several benefits to choosing unfinished wood floors for Covington residents. The ‘bare’ incomplete floor:

  • Offers more flexibility for custom design and appearance
  • Has greater options in color and finishes
  • Results in flooring with a more natural look and character

Covington Unfinished Wood Floor installation

We are a one-stop shop that takes care of all the aspects of an unfinished wood floor installation project in Covington. Whether you need just flooring products or want floor installation services as well, we have you covered.

Our company is staffed by well-trained, seasoned technicians who are proven pros at unfinished wood floor installation. When you hire us for installing your unfinished wood flooring, rest easy that the job will be done to meet the highest industry standards for excellence. We:

  • Get everything done with greatest diligence
  • Use top-grade materials for staining and finishing
  • Guarantee all our work

We handle all types of unfinished wood floor installation jobs. Our experts are available for installing unfinished wood flooring in residential and commercial properties, in investment and rental properties, for new constructions and remodels.

Covington Wood Floors

The key reason for the popularity of unfinished wood floors in Covington is that these allow the property owner to give a unique, personalized touch to Nature’s beauty and design. We strive to help our customers make a thoroughly satisfying flooring investment by offering them unfinished wood floors that are:

  • Made from quality timber
  • Strong and reliable
  • Hard-wearing and durable

Our store carries unfinished wood floors in white and red oak. You can get your flooring stained in any color that complements your room décor. Get in touch with us now to discuss your unfinished wood flooring requirements.

Trust All Flooring Wholesalers with your unfinished wood floor installation job in Covington. Talk to us at (253) 220-6262.