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Water Damage Restoration

Kent Water Damage Restoration


Has exposure to excessive water devastated your home or business place? Get in touch with All Flooring Wholesalers now! Water intrusion into a building is a serious problem that demands immediate attention and quick action for water damage restoration. The longer water sits in your property, the more will be your problems and losses.

Hire our water damage restoration services in Kent, WA to limit your hassles. When you call us, you can be sure of being served promptly by capable and dependable water damage restoration specialists. Whether your property restoration needs arise from a plumbing leak, heavy rainfall, ice damming or a major flood, we have you covered.

Our water damage repair team will have your building looking perfectly fine in no time. We are a full-service water damage restoration company and our capabilities include:

  • Water removal
  • Dry-out
  • Mold prevention
  • Odor removal
  • Structural repairs

Kent Water Damage Repair


Recovering from water damage is not easy. However, water damage repair and restoration experts like us can ease your stressful situation. We go all out to deliver the finest restoration services possible.

Our technicians carry out the water damage repair in your Kent property very diligently, focused on:

  • Ensuring your safety
  • Mitigating your losses
  • Getting your life or business quickly back to normal

We use advanced equipment to ensure that the water damage repair is completed seamlessly. Our property restoration specialists begin their job by identifying and eliminating potential hazards to your safety.

We also secure your salvageable belongings. Then, water removal is done speedily to contain the damage to your property from moisture. After taking out the water completely, all visible as well as hidden moisture is dried out and the area sanitized. All the water damage repair work in your Kent property is carefully monitored to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Kent Water Removal


Proper water extraction is the first step towards water damage restoration that brings a property to its pre-water damage condition. Our skilled and seasoned technicians know this and, therefore, are dedicated to delivering water removal services that are:

  • Speedy
  • Efficient
  • Meticulous
  • Thorough

You can trust us for highly professional water removal services in Kent that help your residential or commercial property dry fast and suffer minimum damage. We also see to it that our water removal crew causes minimal disruption in your life or work.

All Flooring Wholesalers is the #1 choice for water removal, water damage repair and water damage restoration services in Kent. Dial (253) 220-6262.